FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions)


Contact AdultStuffOnly.com and ask us to reset the password. Once your identity has been verified, your old password will be disabled and you will need to provide us with a new password.


The seller will generate an invoice for the buyer and is able to combine multiple items you may have won onto one invoice. When you receive the invoice, you will see a link to pay the seller via PayPal. Follow those directions to make your payment to the seller. If the buyer and the seller agree to a different method of payment, such as a money order, the buyer should always send a copy of the invoice with payment to the seller.


If you have a question about an item for sale, above the description of the item, you will see the sellers name and location. Under that, is the feedback Stars, “View Seller’s Other Listings” and "Contact Seller". Click on “Contact Seller”. After you type your message, click "Send".


On the front page, go to and click "My Account Home". Then go to the left side of the page to "Successful Listings" and you will see all of your sales. Locate the item you would like to discuss with the buyer. On the right side of the listing you will see a symbol that looks like a gear. Click the gear and then click the word “Contact” . This will open up a message page. Type your message to the buyer and click "Send".


Yes. On the Home Page,  Click “My Account” then in the drop-down box click on “My Account Home”. Go to the Summary Column on the left.

To Relist “Successful” Listings:
Click on “Successful”. Click on the box next to the picture of the item(s) you want to relist. Then go to the “Copy Selected Listings” box located above the pictures you want to relist. This copies the listing.
Then return to the Summary Column and click on “Drafts”. Click on the small box to the left of the picture of the item you want to relist. When finished, go to the “Activate Selected” box above the pictures and click that. This will relist the item(s) chosen.

To Relist Unsuccessful Listings:
Go to the Summary column and click on “Unsuccessful”. Click on the box next to the picture of the item(s) you want to relist. Then go to and click the “Relist Selected ” box located above the pictures of the item(s) you want to relist. This will relist the item(s) chosen.


To allow for shipping adjustments when multiple items are purchased, the "Instant Checkout" must be disabled. Make sure to always click the "SAVE" button after making this and all other changes.
When you reach the "Shipping" section on the form when you are listing an item for sale, click on the desired method of shipping from the drop-down menu. In the box to the right, put in the dollar amount to be paid for shipping. If there is no charge for additional items being sent, you would click "0" in the next box to the right. If you charge for additional shipping put that dollar amount in that box. Then to the right of that box, click "Add". Your finished listing will then say what your shipping cost is and if you have an an additional shipping charge for additional items being purchased.


Go to “MY ACCOUNT” on the upper right corner.
Scroll down to “MY ACCOUNT HOME”.
On the left side of the page, go to the “SUMMARY” column

Scroll down to “SALES REPORT”
All of the items you have sold will be displayed.
To the left of each item sold you will see a “CREATE INVOICE” button.

Click on “CREATE INVOICE” . If there are additional items to be added to the invoice, each of those items will be shown at the top of the invoice under "Additional Listings".

You will find an "Add" button to the left of each item. Click the item you wish to add and each will be added to the invoice.
The total amount due will be calculated automatically.

At the bottom of the invoice you will see the word “ADJUSTMENT”. This is where you can make any necessary adjustment to the invoice. An example might be the buyer was billed multiple shipping charges when only one lesser charge is due. Or, perhaps you’re giving a discount for multiple purchases. The necessary adjustment is then credited in the box next to “ADJUSTMENT”.

NOTE: Always remember to click the word “ADD” after every adjustment, otherwise the adjustment will not be calculated in.



The software used here is not compatible with bulk listers. We are looking into having this changed as soon as possible. We know that it is used by a lot of people. We will announce it here when bulk listing is available.
There is no subscription fee to use the Bulk Lister - access to this listing tool is free. The only fee charged is for each item listed.


Locate the item you want to watch.  Open the page to that item.  On the right, you will see a "+ Add to Watch List"  Click on that and the item will be added to your Watch List.  To access all items being watched, go to "My Account" and then to "My Account Home".  On the left side of the page go to "Watching".  All the items you are watching will be displayed. 


To leave feedback, go to “My Account” and then to “My Account Home”.

IF YOU ARE THE SELLER: Go to the left side of the screen and scroll down to “Successful”. Towards the center of the page towards the top, you’ll see a gray “View” button. To the right of the "View" button, there is a drop down menu.  Go to “Feedback Required”. This generates a list of items sold which need Feedback. Go to the right side of each item, and click on the symbol that looks like a Gear. Then click on “Submit Feedback”. You can then rate the transaction by clicking 1 to 5 stars, with 5 being the highest rating. Then leave a feedback statement.

IF YOU ARE THE BUYER: Go to the left side of the screen and scroll to “Bidding”. Then click on “Won”. This will generate the items you have won. Go to the right side of each item and click on the Gear symbol. Click on “Submit Feedback”. You can then rate the transaction by clicking 1 to 5 stars, with 5 being the highest rating. Then leave a feedback statement.


There are two ways to check your messages:
1. Go to My Account. If you have messages, there will be a “View Messages” button. Click there and this will open your messages.
2. Go to your ‘My Account Home"  and go to the left side of the page. Scroll down until you see "Messaging".  There you can see your Inbox and your Outbox .


You will be billed with an invoice on the 1st day of each month. You pay your fees with a link to PayPal. Payments go to: AdultStuffOnlyLLC@gmail.com
If the total fees due are under $5.00 your invoice will be postponed until the following month. Payments must be made by the 7th day of each month. Accounts not paid in full by the 8th day of the each month will be temporarily deactivated until payment is received.
Yes. To block a bidder go to My Account. On the menu, go to "Blocked Users". You will be prompted to put in the bidder's user name you wish to block. After you have added the bidder's name, click ADD. In the future, if you wish to reverse this action you can do so by clicking “Remove”.


Yes. On the top of EVERY page, you can do a "Search" or "Advanced Search". To "Search by Seller" you must go to "Advanced Search".  Add the Seller's name you wish to find.  Then click "Enter" on your keyboard.  If you want to add the seller to your "Favorite Seller" list, open an item being sold by that seller and click the "Heart" icon which is to the right of the seller's name. 


If you want to add the seller to your "Favorite Seller" list, open an item being sold by that seller and click the "Heart" icon which is to the right of the seller's name. 


We have increased the number of characters you can use to describe the item you have for sale from 80 to 100! Now, The maximum characters length of title and subtitle of a listing is 100 for create listing as well as bulk import.


Sellers can now delete multiple items with the press of a button vs. having to delete them individually. Go to your "Active Listings" page. At the top of the page you'll see a red box that says "Delete Selected". Check the boxes of the item(s) you wish to delete and then click the "Delete Selected" button. All items you've checked are now deleted.


You can now greatly increase the size of a picture of an item for sale. Move the curser over the picture and that area will be enlarged. Click on the picture and the entire picture will enlarge. You will see a magnifying glass with a "+" inside it. Click that and the picture will be HUGE!


You can now download all information from past invoices. You can search by Buyer, by Date, Amount of Sales and easily find any sales tax that may be due. Go to "My Account" and then to "My Account Home". On the left side, scroll down to "Invoices Report". All the information about each of your invoices will be displayed. Click on "CSV" and all of this information will be on a spreadsheet.


When you make an invoice it can be modified and items can be added to it IF the invoice has not yet been paid. When you "SEND INVOICE" it will now show the date it was sent to the buyer. If the same buyer should win any additional item(s) the following day or soon after, these items can be added and the date those additions were made will replace the previous date on the invoice. The invoice number remains the same. Sellers need to view the existing invoice to add items to it. To do this, go to "My Account", then "My Account Home". On the left, find "Invoices". Once clicked, you will see all invoices you have started. Find the specific buyer's name. Click "View Invoice" on the right side. At the top, it will show any additional items won by this buyer. Click on the items you want added to the invoice. These items and prices will be added to this invoice.



Example: If you are selling an autographed photo of a Playmate, that listing would be in the primary category: AUTOGRAPHS

The first sub-category would be: PLAYMATE

There are usually hundreds of Playmate autographs in this sub-category, but if your item is a FEATURED LISTING, it will be SEEN IMMEDIATELY AT THE TOP OF PAGE ONE!

Cost: 25 cents (plus the initial listing fee).

Featured listings are available with both auction and fixed price listings of 3, 5, 7 or 10 days. They are not available with "Good Until Cancelled" listings.


Members of this website can see that one of the largest categories of items here on AdultStuffOnly.com is “Autographs”. Usually thousands are for sale.

A primary goal of AdultStuffOnly.com (ASO), is to do everything possible to eliminate forgeries.

Virtually everyone associated with autographs - dealers, collectors and those who are doing the actual signings know that this problem is widespread and has been for many years - with no easy solution.

Unfortunately, no single individual or authentication service is capable of being experts in ALL fields of autographs. We are all human – mistakes will happen.

In attempting to achieve the ultimate goal of no forgeries being sold on this website, AdultStuffOnly.com is putting together a 3 member Advisory Board which will consist of people we consider to be experts in certain fields of autograph collecting. The Administrators of ASO will also be on this board making this a 5 member panel.

If AdultStuffOnly.com receives member complaints that one or multiple items are questionable with regards to authenticity, the seller will be contacted and given the opportunity to show provenance. The Board will review the item(s) in question and render an informed opinion. If the majority determination is that the item in question is not authentic, that item will be immediately removed from the site and may not be relisted on this site in the future.

It is the responsibility of any Autograph Dealer or individual who sells an autographed item to know that what they are purporting to be authentic truly is authentic. However, those who sell autographed items are also human – and they too can make a mistake.

If the board believes that an honest mistake was made the seller will only receive a warning. If these "mistakes" continue, it may result in a temporary suspension or termination from ASO. Sellers of autographs need to know that receiving just a warning or a suspension is not guaranteed.

If after careful consideration it is determined by the Advisory Board and ASO that a clear attempt was made to defraud, AdultStuffOnly.com will permanently terminate the seller's account.

This system – much like the jury system of this country is not perfect and we hope never to make a mistake. We believe most would agree that doing nothing about this on-going problem is even a bigger mistake.

Those who sell legitimate, authentic autographs need not be concerned with this announcement. Those who come to this website with less than honorable intentions should pay very close attention to it.



From time to time, we will have "Free Listing Days" for both auctions and fixed price listings. "Good until Cancelled" listings are not included.


LISTING FEES: Auction & fixed price listings: 10 cents.

"GOOD UNTIL CANCELLED" LISTING FEE: This is a recurring fee of 15 cents per month billed to your account every 30 days from the date of the listing. Any additional add-ons such as BOLD print, sub-titles, etc. will also have a recurring fee with Good Until Cancelled listings.

FINAL VALUE FEE: 10% on all items


What are the Seller Fees on AdultStuffOnly.com?

Sellers are sent an invoice from AdultStuffOnly.com on the 1st day of each month. The invoice will be for all fees accumulated during the previous month.

Each monthly invoice will include a 45 cent processing fee. Payment is due upon receipt.

NOTE: Payment must be made between the 1st and 7th day of the month. Accounts that have not been paid in-full by the 8th of the month will be temporarily deactivated until payment is received.

If seller bills are under $5.00, ASO will not send an invoice until the following month or until the bill is at least $5.00.


Do not pay for your item(s) until you receive an invoice from the seller. 

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